Welsh Mountain Farm is a small family-operated farm. Instead of following the American trend of GET BIG or GET OUT, we have decided on this mission statement:

Our goal is to increase the quality of our product without increasing our building structure or herd size.

To be good stewards to our herd and land.

To have a lifestyle and profitability that will interest our children and others to take a career in agriculture.

About Products & Animals

The easiest way to increase the quality of our milk and cheese is by going back to the land. Our customers ask: "What's your secret? Why is your cheese so much tastier and more creamy than some?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's no secret. If cows are allowed to freely graze chemical-free lush grasses and clovers, this greatly increases the health of our cows and dramatically increases the quality of the raw mil and cheese. The cows are moved to fresh grass every 12 hours. This lets us manage our cows without the use of routine antibiotics.

Try some cheese today! Your family will thank you! 
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